When should I take my cat to the vet?

The cat in its earliest childhood is a very fragile animal, which must be protected more if possible than an adult. Your immune system is not as developed as it will be once you reach the age of majority, so your health is at greater risk now than in the future.

Having a tiny body makes you cold or heat very quickly, so anything can make you sick. To avoid problems, I will tell you when should take the kitten to the vet.


First visit to the veterinarian

If you plan to adopt a kitten, you should take it as soon as possible to the professional to examine your eyes, limbs, and check your vital signs, and start the vaccination plan you must follow in order to prevent them from contracting diseases as serious as Feline Calicivirosis or Feline Leukemia.

In addition, in this first visit you can ask what treatment you can give to avoid parasites, both internal (the worms) and external (fleas, ticks, mites), as they can seriously harm you.

When do you have to take it again?

After the first visit, you have to take it back every time you have to give a vaccine. The most common vaccination schedule is as follows:

  • At 2 months: feline trivalent (feline panleukopenia, feline calicivirosis and feline viral rhinotracheitis).
  • At 4 months: reinforcement of feline trivalent.
  • At 6 months: rabies and leukemia.
  • From the year: reinforcement of feline trivalent, leukemia and rabies. These vaccines are usually given once a year.

But not only do you have to take it to be vaccinated, but also every time you suspect that you are sick or in pain, that is, each time you show some of these symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite and/or weight
  • Swollen belly
  • Excessive drooling (that has suddenly appeared)
  • Seizures
  • Difficulty walking well
  • Appearance of lumps or ulcers
  • Trouble breathing

And, in general, any other symptom that worries us.

Although the role of the veterinarian is important, the true center of your kitten’s universe is you, and your well-being depends on your knowledge and care. Therefore, you should start checking your cat’s health condition as soon as possible you watch any inconsistency in their behavior.

In addition, it is especially important to inspect your kitten’s teeth for tartar. If you see that your cat’s gums are red and swollen, take it to the vet and it will be perfect soon. Try to see its teeth at least once a year, coinciding for example with the date of the vaccines.

As much as I groan as a protest, it is important that you follow a good routine of grooming, deworming and flea control, in addition to regular checkups and vaccines. Give lots of love and soon forget their complaints.

To finish, I also recommend you take it if you do not want to raise it to be sterilized or cast at five or six months of age. These are surgical interventions that will avoid unwanted litters and make the kitten can lead a long and happy life.

How to Find the Best Cat-Sitter?

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Cats are independent.

You do not need to take care of your cat all the time because these animals can be left by themselves for a while. You do not need to worry about them every single minute. This way you are free to take a short vacation and meanwhile leave your cats at home. You don’t really need to buy the best cat water fountain for your feline friends.  The only thing they need is enough food and water to be able to go through a day as this is their fuel to let them go. They take everything easy, do not get separation anxiety and tear up your entire house like a dog would do.

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What Vaccines Do Cats Need?

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How to Adopt a Stray Cat?

We see stray cats everywhere around us. Just have a look around and you will see dozens of them. Stray cats can be seen in the neighborhood and they can even come to the doorstep of your house and even by looking at them you can say for sure that they are not feral cats. Definitely it is not advisable to pet them or even touch, the only kind and positive thing you can do to this cat is to simply feed her, this way showing your care towards her. If you see a group of free-roaming cats, this means you see stray cats. At first sight you might think these are feral cats. But with some time passing you will realize that they are not and you will gradually get closer to them and this will be mutual. Time is an effective means and while the time goes they can become amazing house cats, companions or pets for you and your family.

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Every cat can feel happy indoors, there is no doubt about it. Even the most outdoor cat that never lived inside will feel so happy indoors if you surround him with love, care, warm house and yummy food of course. Everything depends on the technique you make the cat indoors and train it to live happily indoors. Sure cats are much safer inside the house than outside. When the cat is kept inside, it gets rid of the risk of getting into fights, catching a disease, various parasites or any possible car accidents.

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