Can a Stray Cat Be Happy Indoors?

Every cat can feel happy indoors, there is no doubt about it. Even the most outdoor cat that never lived inside will feel so happy indoors if you surround him with love, care, warm house and yummy food of course. Everything depends on the technique you make the cat indoors and train it to live happily indoors. Sure cats are much safer inside the house than outside. When the cat is kept inside, it gets rid of the risk of getting into fights, catching a disease, various parasites or any possible car accidents.

We see many cats lying dead in the middle of the highway hit by a car. Indoor cats do not face this risk. Their life is safer compared to the cats roaming freely in the street. Maybe the cat is used to living outdoors and in this case you might think it will be impossible to make the cat live behind the windows. There is no need to be afraid though, after some training you can make your cat into an indoor cat.

The process requires patience and persistence. Do no hurry, take your time gradually teaching him to get used to staying indoors. Every time when the cat comes inside, make sure you keep him indoors for a longer time so that he gets used to the atmosphere.

To have a much more effective result you can start the process of making a stray cat indoors during a wintertime. Why? Cats like feeling cozy and they hate it being outdoors in a frosty weather. This is why you need to start keeping a stray cat indoors at a wintertime to have the process go smoother.

To help the cat get adapted to the new environment more easily, you can add special cat trees or shelves in order to expand the cat’s comfort zone territory vertically so that the cat sits upper and looks down the area from a higher place. You can order this special furniture for your cat online or from specialized pet shops.

Even indoor cats have a hobby of looking out of the window sitting on the window sills. This is why cats enjoy watching their special TV – window scene any time during a day. If the cat feels lonely and bored he will find a way to entertain himself, he will look out of the window. Alternatively, you need to make sure that the cat has plenty of toys and puzzle boxes or rolling balls which will keep the cat’s mind stimulated. Games are vital for a cat so make sure you entertain the cat with various interactive games to keep the cat active and engaged.

What does a cat need to be happy?

Tasty food, warm shelter and that’s it. This is all a cat needs to be happy. Humans are able to provide all these to cats. So why not to do it? Indoor cats have a less threat of outdoors dangers they can encounter. So automatically they become happier inside. And if you, as a cat owner provide them with the necessary care and love, any stray cat will feel comfortable inside. Cats are great hunters and have a need to scratch things from time to time to get rid of itchy nails. Also, cats like soft cozy places to roll in. Especially during the first period of domesticating your cat will be harder as the cat will look out of the window and meow softly begging you to take it out. Ignore it totally, do not pay attention to these begging at all. Do not take the cat out in the process of making it indoors. This will cause much more trouble and make the process complicated.

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  1. I trapped a stray cat who ran on three legs, holding it’s left front paw up in 7 degree weather, took him to a vet and found that the paw was an old fracture, he’s FIV+. I had him neutered, rabies and other shots given and treated him. I need to find a home or rescue facility that will take him and care for him. I have spent over $1,200 on his care but am unable to keep him. I live in Yaphank, NY, Suffolk county and will take him anywhere he is accepted. please advice me as to where I can place him. thank you, Katie

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