Should I Get a Kitten or a Cat?

You have made up your mind about the cat you want to adopt and now are in the process of deciding what age group to get to have a better result and be satisfied. You may have some beliefs inside regarding the age group that is more preferable to have. It is definitely a kitten rather than an adult cat.

If you want to adopt a cat, you visit their special shelters. On the first visit you have to a shelter your heart will be touched from the view of so many young cats, kittens who are kept in a cage and you will wish to free them, set them free and take a kitten for yourself. However, keep one thing in mind; adult cats are very often more user-friendly compared to the younger kittens. Adult cats have a deeper understanding of what is like being a homeless, thus will be much more thankful if you decide to provide him with a new, warm and cozy home. This kind of cats used to live with a happy family where they were surrounded with love and good care, however, they were abandoned because of some hardships with their owner, be it a divorce, death, or something like that. You will definitely get more benefits if you decided to adopt an older cat instead of a kitten.

With older cats not feral cats of course, you will not have a trouble of training them to a litter box because they will already be trained to it. And adult cats are calmer and more quiet compared with energetic kittens who like to mess up the room and run back and forth all the time. No doubt kittens are lively and full of unlimited energy. The household members of yours will never live in quiet and peace again with a crazy energetic kitten running around. If you prefer tranquility in your life, then you definitely need an older cat to adopt and live with.

With adult cats you will be already gone through various activities that are a must, like neutering them in order to solve anyhow the huge problem of too many cats the world is facing nowadays. The cat may have already been neutered by the previous owner and there is no need of taking the cat to a vet one more time. Besides this, for adult cats the transition and adaptation to their new homes is easier compared with that of kittens. Older cats are grateful for the living conditions you offer to them while the younger cats demand what they want and you need to provide them with it.

Another important thing is your age. This is also essential. If you are an adult yourself – 65 years old or more, maybe you will not outlive your cat, so in this case having an older cat is an excellent choice for you, taking into account that fact. Maybe you want to get a disabled cat, a blind, deaf cat, or maybe an amputee. This kind of cats are wonderful companions and compensate for their so called disabilities by giving you lots of love and devotion. This way they thank you for your kindness and care towards them.

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