How to Adopt a Stray Cat?

We see stray cats everywhere around us. Just have a look around and you will see dozens of them. Stray cats can be seen in the neighborhood and they can even come to the doorstep of your house and even by looking at them you can say for sure that they are not feral cats. Definitely it is not advisable to pet them or even touch, the only kind and positive thing you can do to this cat is to simply feed her, this way showing your care towards her. If you see a group of free-roaming cats, this means you see stray cats. At first sight you might think these are feral cats. But with some time passing you will realize that they are not and you will gradually get closer to them and this will be mutual. Time is an effective means and while the time goes they can become amazing house cats, companions or pets for you and your family.

If you have decided for yourself that you want to adopt a stray cat and rescue her that way, then read the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal. Be patient and follow the guideline in order to accomplish a great mission you have set for yourself.

Remember that both you and the cat need time to get adapted to each other. You cannot get a great result in a day. I will tell you about my own experience. There was a cute grey cat visiting my neighboring area every single day so I thought for myself that this is not in vain. I decided to feed her outside my house. At first the cat was afraid and cautious and did not come closer to my house at all, to be on the safe side. This is why I left the food far from my yard, as far as possible not to scare her. I
regularly fed the cat and this way I taught her to get used to the routine I created for her. After some period of time I started to gradually move the food closer and closer to the house. The cat was not eager to approach the house and if she was eating and I came out and she saw me, she used to run away and leave the food not finished. With enough patience I got the result. The cat was no longer afraid of me.

This took several weeks, however. One day I locked my other cats in another room and left the entrance door open for her to come in and the magic happened. She dared to come in to the hall and I closed the door behind her. So she was in my house. She was scared a little but starving so once I brought food she started to eagerly eat it and forgot about everything. She stayed in a box in the hall and I went closer to her petting her chin, she did not attack or scratch which indicated that she is not feral. However, you
need to be careful in any case as every cat is individual and maybe the cat is wild and aggressive.

Once you have the stray cat in your house, isolate it from everyone and other cats. You need to make sure the cat has no infections and will not be contagious to others. She needs special vaccinations to become safe and home cat. Make sure you wash your hands properly in case you touched her and are going to touch other cats.

You need to introduce the cat to the other cats living in your home. Take the cat in your hands and let other cats to come closer and get to know her. If everything goes smoothly this process will last several minutes only. Trust your intuition about when is the right time to do it. Make sure you do not let the cats out as once they get out they will get diseases from other, street cats and might become wild and aggressive, not responding to you. It is ok to let them watch out of the window sitting on the window
sill. But do not let them out once they got used to staying in. They are not like dogs and you do not need to take them for a walk as this can cause a lot of trouble to you and the cat and you will end up having a terrible headache.

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