Adoption Vs. Buying from Breeder

Cats have been a favorite animal among people all over the world and people enjoy keeping a pet for themselves. People have domesticated pets for rather a long period of time. The basic purpose of keeping a cat used to be the fact that they keep vermin away like rats, however, today cats are basically kept for companionship because they bring a lot of joy and fun to the family they live in. You have made up your mind to keep a cat, yet, you still face a trouble in making the final decision on whether or not to adopt a cat from a shelter or, alternatively, purchase a cat from a breeder.

Cat adoption is definitely a better option and this is why;

By adopting a cat, you can feel better as you do a kind deed to the world by saving a life. Everyone knows that in many countries, one of which is Singapore, thousands of cats are killed every year. This happens because shelters and pet rescue centers have rather limited space, so there is no other option left as to kill the animals. If you decide to adopt a cat, this means you free up a space in the shelter and this way more cats will be rescued. This way you not only save a life of an animal but also help in reducing the pet population problem the world is facing nowadays.

By adopting a cat, you make sure it has better genes and this is why. Mixed breed cats are the natural way for cats to reproduce. In the wild, no cat chooses a partner according to the breed, they choose the fittest and strongest ones.

Save a lot of money

Adoption is easy on your pocket as you do not pay any extra amount in order to get a cat. If you decided to buy a pure breed cat, you will have to spend from over $1000 to $3000 or more depending on the breed. While adopting a cat will cost you only $50-$250. This amount is required to be spent on vaccinating your cat so that you have a healthy cat at home.

You will have a well-trained cat with no additional effort

The shelters where they raise cats foster homes, in other words the cat is exposed to house training. By saying this we mean that you will no longer need to conduct a separate toilet training and no scratching of furniture from your cat. They are domesticated and not wild causing damage. Cat adoption will make the process of owning a cat more enjoyable and fun.

Also, shelters will help you find the right cat for you

One thing to remember, you need to be super patient. Be patient enough to discover the nature of the cat you want to adopt. This is very important even more important than the breed itself. Because you are going to keep this cat at your own home and you need to make an effort not to have a cat that will cause you a headache. A good-natured cat will easily get adapted in your house and become a part of your household members. Once you visit a pet shop you cannot have a slight idea about the nature of a cat. People who work at pet shelters know more of the nature of the cats and will give you a precious advice on which cat is the most suitable for your exact home.

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