5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cats

We all know these cute creatures – cats that are very curious, they want to know all about everything they have at sight, they are spontaneous and animals with attitude, this makes them unique and lot like other animals. They are mysterious animals and even experienced cat lovers do not know all about cats and it takes much effort and time for them to learn everything about cats.

Cats hate water? Who said?

There is a wide spread opinion among people according to which cats hate water and do their best to escape from it. I will rush to say the opposite. There are many cats who really like water and cannot live without it. Take the Turkish Angora for example, which is one of the ancient breeds of domesticated cats ever. These cats are well known for their sleek body and high pointed ears. In fact, this breed of cats is naturally drawn to water and some of them were seen as swimming or wading in the pools. Not only this breed, there are a few others that are known to like water, like the American Shorthair, Maine Coon, American Bobtail and the Turkish Van.

Cats can be manipulative sometimes

It is a well-known fact that when a cat is hungry, she will rub on you, paw at you and some might even meow at the top of their lungs. This is the way they attract the owner’s attention in order to get their yummy bite. I will reveal a secret to you; cats practice this behavior on purpose, in order to manipulate their owners to be able to get what they want, food in this case.

Cats are dreamful animals and they adore dreaming while sleeping

Cats are like people in this context. Once they get relaxed enough and are in the phase of a deep sleep, they start to have dreams. And you might see a sleeping cat that is running while sleeping because in her dream the cat might be chasing a mouse or a bird. Their dreams are real like the ones people have.

Cats are like girls, girls like chocolate, but cats don’t.

Cats cannot bare chocolate and eating it will make them become very sick. Cats are carnivorous by nature, they like meat and this treat – a chocolate will not give them much pleasure. They do not have a sweet tooth at all thus they do not like sweet stuff. Make sure not to leave something sweet out for the cat not to find and eat it.

Cats have thick fur, yet they tolerate heat

The cute domesticated cats we all keep at our homes are all descendants to their ancestors who used to live in deserts centuries ago. This is the main reason why cats can feel good at high temperatures and also pant to cool themselves. Cats even have the ability to sweat through the pads they have on the bottoms of their feet.

Zzzzzz time

Cats adore sleeping and it is natural that your cute cat spends most of the time sleeping. If we take it generally, on average, a domesticated cat spends more than half of its life asleep. They enjoy tranquility and nice sleep. They like being relaxed.

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