How to Find the Best Cat-Sitter?

The time has come. Holiday season, you have been waiting for this season for such a long time, haven’t you? Yet you will face a trouble of entrusting your cat to a sitter for a while when you have to leave town for a limited period of time. It is true that cats are independent animals and can take care of themselves, however, you need to have a person to give it food and water at least. This is the most stressful part of the fun you get form your cute cats. Do not panic, you can still take necessary steps in order to help your cats overcome the period of our absence.

Why not hire a sitter for the cat?

The first thing you need to do about this issue is to decide whether you need to hire a cat sitter on a daily basis, i.e to visit your home every day or to live in your house while you are away. These two categories are different, the first one is called a pet-sitter while the second one – house sitter. You will make your decision based on several factors, for example what possible options are there in your specific area, how long will your trip last, etc.

Very frequently cat lovers hire someone who comes home daily and feeds the cats, freshens their water, scoops the litter plays with the cat a little. Pet sitters often provide you with additional services as well like bringing in your mail and newspaper, watering plants, filling bird feeders, and other household tasks.

Look over the yellow pages to find several contacts of pet sitters and hire them. You can get some recommendations from the local pet shelters, pet NGOs or other institutions. The first period of the hiring is writing out several contacts and calling them, after which the best ones will be shortlisted and you will go on with your selection among them. After a successful phone conversation invite that person to your house and watch how he behaves towards your cats, how that person treats your cats what’s more important, how your cats behave to that person. They will spend time with that new temporary owner, and the cats need to like the person first of all.

Another more trusted way of finding a pet-sitter is asking friends of yours maybe they had gone through this process themselves and have a trusted source. You can get the pet-sitters contacts form your friends.

After choosing either a pet-sitter or a house-sitter you need to carefully write down all the instructions you wish to give so that the pet-sitter deals with your cats more effectively and with a better result. Write down every single thing comes to your mind, even a very trivial one. Make a checklist of things that are needed to be done. Another very important thing is informing your cat’s veterinarian about your trip so that the vet gives permission to the pet-sitter get any medication that might be needed in order to keep your cats healthy and playful, away from diseases. This will let the pet-sitter buy medication that might be required while you are away with your trip.

Following this all will help you overcome the hardship easily and enjoy the company of your cute cat every single day of your life.



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