Welcome to our friendly catlike website. Enjoy every minute spent in our friendly, kind catty environment full of positive vibes.

First of all, some basic information providing you the background knowledge about us. We are a non-profit organization located in Boston, Massachusetts and our primary goal is to make the world a better place for the cats and give you all the needed information about cats. We are more focused on cats and our mission is to save cats by all means. We need to get rid of the possible threats cats can get by rooting more care in people. We work hard in order to provide abandoned cats with shelter, sterile them and provide them with veterinary care. When there are kind people who want to adopt a cat we
assist them.

We respect all cats and take the initiative of taking good care of them in order to reduce any possible suffering. We have set clear goals in front of us and do our best to meet these goals during our hard work. We deal with sterilization of abandoned and community cats, in case of emergency we have a trap, neuter, return or maintain programs that can be applicable in case there is a need. We also find appropriate homes for adoptable cats and have special, efficient fundraising program to meet the
above mentioned goals from the fiscal point of view. The most important thing here is being compassionate and our team is full of compassion and commitment for abandoned and community cats everywhere around. We take great responsibility and pride in our essential goal of helping abandoned cats to find homes and live happily. Meanwhile we are respectful which means we are open to new and creative ideas people will come with and will easily get into a respectful, productive dialogue.

We are open, transparent, honest, accountable and financially responsible. A big number of volunteers apply to our NGO every year in order to anyhow assist the mission we need to accomplish – not to see any single abandoned cat around the litter boxes in the city in wintertime or rains. The poor creatures need our support and care. Every day we see dozens of cats killed in the highways and left that way.

Be kind and spread kindness to the world and the world will respond to you with the same kindness and smile. Let’s together make the world a better place to live in.